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I am a Roblox Accredited Educator and all of my Roblox Courses are available to purchase online from Udemy - The world's largest selection of courses.

roblox create a crop farming system image with a cartoon man dressed as a farmer with sunflowers around him and a barn and a bird in the background
About the Course

This course provides you with all the basic models, tools, and GUIs needed. It focuses primarily on coding and gives students an expandable and adaptable project they can use in their game development.


Some central concepts taught are

  • Using module scripts in different ways.

  • Using co-routines to pause and resume plant growth.

  • Creating and using animations.

  • Saving part positions and attributes to the data store.

  • Ray casting to move and place parts.

  • Creating dictionaries of data that can be referred to from other scripts.

  • Coding and using surface, screen, and billboard GUI's.

By the end of the project, students should have a farm to which they can add new crops and expand the farm to make it bigger.


As some coding concepts are complex, students should complete the following courses.


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