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About Mr Brendon Ross

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I have been learning and teaching computing and programming for over 20 years.  

My lectures are organized, well presented, and easy to follow.

I was introduced to playing Roblox and creating in Roblox Studio by my son.

I love the Roblox platform and the resources available to create professional Roblox games.

I have created these courses to teach you step by step how to turn your ideas into working Roblox Games

After publishing my first Roblox Course, Learn How to Code Games in Roblox Studio on Udemy, it quickly became a Bestseller and I am now a fully accredited Roblox Educator. 

Roblox Educators

Around the world, educators are using Roblox to teach coding, design thinking, entrepreneurship and inter-discipline learning. These organizations offer a variety of services, from one on one tutorship to online learning. Full list of Roblox Educators - Click Here. 

If you have any questions or require more information please feel free to contact me -

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