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Learn how to code games in rob lox studio Cartoon image of man behind a laptop with mountains in the background.
What You Will Learn:

  • An understanding of Lua the coding language used to create Roblox Games.

  • The basic concepts of computer programming

  • How to get set up to create your first Roblox game by creating an account and downloading and installing Roblox Studio.

  • How to move, scale and rotate your Roblox parts.

  • How to create a script, make objects spawn and how to program your Humanoid Roblox Player and much more.

  • How to Use Roblox Toolbox and create your own models, save them and import them into your projects

  • How to code the Leaderboard for multi-player games and save player data during the game.

  • Design, Test, and Play your own game from beginning to end.

  • You will be able to use all the concepts and coding you learnt in this course to create your own interactive games on Roblox.

I am a Roblox Accredited Educator, and this Roblox course is available to purchase online from Udemy - The world's largest selection of courses.

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