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Course Reviews from Udemy Students

This Roblox course was very well done. It taught me a wide range of coding features. I completed creating the entire game. The instructor's comments were very insightful and clear. I had a few questions and they were quickly answered. I can't wait for the next, advanced Roblox video to come out!

Hats off to Brendon. This course is a great start for the beginner in Roblox yet Lua programming and still manages to avoid oversimplifying things for those of us who have programmed in other languages and other environments. Looking forward to starting the Intermediate/Advanced course. I also rather enjoy the moments of 'thinking out loud' as it reinforces the idea that coding does involve some thinking on the spot and a willingness to change your mind as you go along. Friendly and fun. Highly recommended.

I have a coding background, so am familiar with a lot of the jargon such as variables, booleans etc. My daughter loves Roblox and has a game idea, so I thought I'd learn. The teacher is very thorough, keeps lessons at great pace so good to follow along, and I am enjoying the course so far! Great for beginners who never have coded before

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