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Game Review - Speed Run 4

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Creator: Vurse


Use code "Moon" for a new dimension! Unlock more dimensions by beating the game! Also, unlock game modes like ZOMBIE MODE with stars. Use code "OOF" for a meme shout! Join in the fast paced fun and test your skill with this challenging platformer! There are 30 unique levels to run and parkour through to victory. Each level has a unique song and appearance.. Can you reach the final level? Race your friends, or race against the clock and keep an eye on the timer, good luck!

Players think it's pretty good I think!

First Impressions

I land in a large room, some upbeat music is playing that makes me feel like this game is about getting moving. To my left are a bunch of skulls on podiums. Looks like different levels, I’ll go check them out. Ok, looks like I have to get “stars” to enter. At the back of the room is a leaderboard with player names, ranks, and “MemePoints Rank:”…whatever that is, guess i’’ll find out soon. In the corner next to that is a pink gate with “Free Bonus Level” written above it. Won’t go there just yet. Want to learn more about the game first. Moving back toward the entrance to the game another gate. Use 100 Gems to buy “Speed Run - Reloaded”. Am guessing its an earlier version of the game. Can’t do anything at the moment, got no Gems. Moving on!

Another gate next “Retro Level Pack”. Won’t go there yet either until I’ve played the game. There is a big gumboil machine offering me the chance to buy a game pass, unique trail? not sure what that is, sounds, and more. Might come back.

I’m now at the huge doorway. It has a heading “Normal Dimension 0/30 Stars”. Am guessing this is where I need to head first. Before that however lets look at the other elements on the

screen. There is a twitter link to follow and get codes. I click on the bar graph button next to that and it shows me a leaderboard for my level. As I haven’t played I’m at the bottom. In the store I can buy gems with Robux. I can use Robux to buy trails (makes a trail behind you as you run) and gems to buy dimensions, dances, and sounds. Maybe? not sure what they are yet.

Ok cool, I go to the Items button and get to buy a “meme” shoutout for free. I use it yelling out “your to slow” which increased my “meme points” by 3. Currently ranked 0. Alright!, now we’re moving got a free dance in the Items section, equip it and start busting a move! to the music, earning points, and I’m now Rank 2! Ok, think I’ve checked out everything in the lobby. Now off to play the game. As I move off, i’m still dancing while moving! That’s pretty cool!


I run the course, getting died a couple of times while learning, finished the course. Got 2 gems and a badge for finishing, and moved to level 2. Music changed in level 1, and again in level 2. Finished level 2, another 2 gems, and another badge.

Movement is using “W” to run forward, and “Space” to jump. Don’t seem to need anything else. Simple. The pace is fast, and the challenge to do it as quick as possible. Good to challenge others, but also to try to beat your own PB. Meanwhile, I break into dance while writing this and have increased my meme rank to level 4. Love that I can achieve something even when i’m AFK.

To the right side of the screen there is an arrow. When I click it, it shows me the levels I have completed and the ability to return to them or the lobby.

I take a quick break to get a coffee, on return I see there is another leaderboard on the main screen. It shows players and the Time Played. At least i’m not last now! On returning to the game I am in the lobby. I click on the arrow and can no longer pick a level to move to. You must have to play to the highest level you can in a game session.

Ok, now I have some meme points I’ll see what I can buy. Cool, managed to buy a bunch of new dances that increase my meme points and bust out some cool moves! You can equip 3 different dances in your toolbar. Now I buy some sounds. Max toolbar slots is 5 shared by dances and sounds. Great!

Using your sounds increases your meme points rapidly for a time while playing some music, or a call out. Honestly just enjoying watching me dance, calling out, and buying new dances and sounds!

After 1 Hour

Damn, my hour is up! Got to say that I found this to be a fun, engaging game that gives quick regular rewards. meme points are great, and the items you can buy with gems let you look cool while playing.


In the interests of being a good reviewer I spend 50 Robux to buy 500 Gems, this lets me buy trails and other things in game.

Players get meme points for performing dances, and playing various sounds while in game. While dancing you get a multiplier, and sounds can make your meme points accumulate very quickly letting you buy more dances and sounds. A variety of leaderboards show you how you rank amongst other players in regards to meme points, levels and time played, and how quickly you complete levels. A lot of things happening.

Always something to do, or look at.

The game makes me feel…

The game made me feel happy, and rewarded. The music and atmosphere is good. You can get into the fast paced gameplay, or chill in the lobby and have just as much fun with the dance, and sounds while you let your meme points increase.

My Rating: 10/10 - Love it!

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